Holiday Listening: Reply All Podcast

Reply All is an easy favourite. “A show about the internet,” this one’s about everything from how domains come to be acquired, to an exploration of the French minitel, one of the predecessors of today’s Internet. This podcast is a treasure trove of interesting factoids and anecdotes. Our favourite episodes are those which highlight the silent actors behind this ubiquitous force: the man responsible for the “pop-up” ad, the sender of possibly the first email message, and the host of the first ever live stream reality show.

Reply All’s simple tagline conceals a far more complicated purpose. The Internet, generally the backdrop to the action of our lives, assumes the stage, allowing us to truly see the myriad ways in which we shape, and are shaped, by it.

Reply All is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, and each episode lasts between 20-30 minutes.

Episodes can be easily downloaded onto iPhones and iPads using the Podcasts App, and onto Android Phones and Tablets using the Stitcher App. These are also available online at Soundcloud.