Packing within a baggage allowance

If you’re anything like us, your top travel fear is leaving something behind. If you’re anything like us, this likely results in a tendency to overpack. At one point our packing routine was: throwing items in and out of our suitcase, and weighing the bag repeatedly to both avoid and prepare for that irritating argument at the check-in counter when asked to take out a few items. And yet, funnily enough, that suitcase always magically gained a few pounds the second it plopped down on the check-in belt. The thought of having to decide in the middle of an airport whether your hairdryer is more important than your Polaroid camera – great blowout in pictures, or instant hipster cool? There are just some decisions we never want to have to make. So we’ve finally nailed down a system that allows us to travel with all of our essentials.

The truth about “essentials” is that they differ from person to person. How many of us have heard “Do you really need that?” Yes, we definitely need that. And that. And that too.
Here’s a few tips to remember when you’re sitting amidst of a pile of clothes, accessories and amenities, one night before your flight, about to give up.1. Always divide your clothes into sets of outfits – tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories. This way, you’ll avoid carrying extras, and wasting holiday time trying to match pieces.

2. If you’re travelling in a group, divide necessities such as your toiletries between all of you. Each and every one of you doesn’t need to be carrying a whole bottle of shampoo or separate hair dryers. Also, travel-size is the way to go.

3. You can repeat any bottoms (jeans, trousers, shorts, and skirts) and jackets. Carry fewer bottoms for the days you’re traveling, one jacket, and more tops.

4. An emergency outfit is never a bad idea (always be prepared for wine stains), but limit it to one, in a dark colour, to avoid a repeat.

5. Pack all of your electronics in your carry-on luggage. These are usually the heaviest items in your bag, and at risk of being tossed about and broken in your checked-in luggage.

6. Take Coco Chanel’s accessorizing advice, and apply it your packing skills: take out at least one thing right before zipping your suitcase up.

7. Lastly, organise. Use Nicobars packing essentials to compress your items and keep them neat, clean, and easy to find.