Holiday Listening: The Moth Radio Hour Podcast

If one of your favourite childhood memories is settling into bed with a cup of warm cocoa and a story, this podcast is for you.

Established in 1997, The Moth attempts to revive the magic of the raconteur, with a series of workshops and live storytelling events. The Moth Radio Hour and the Moth Podcast, curate the very best of these stories, making them easily accessible for work commutes, long flights, or quiet evenings at home.

Each episode is tied together by a theme, but part of the charm of this show is the various ways in which the storytellers choose to interpret this theme. These are true stories, narrated by ordinary people in front of a live audience, without props, a script, or notes. From accounts of competitive middle school science fairs told by award winning scientists, to riveting stories of World War II told by a former British spy, this podcast truly charts the length and breadth of human experience.

Episodes of the The Moth Podcast range from 30 minutes to an hour, and can be easily downloaded onto iPhones and iPads using the Podcasts App, and onto Android Phones and Tablets using the Stitcher App. These are also available online at Soundcloud.