Talisman, Nicobar’s Latest Rakhi Collection Is Distinctly Beautiful

Talisman is Nicobar’s latest collection of rakhis meant to last for years. The rakhis in this collection double up as quaint little charms that can be worn around your neck as well. From alphabets in Devanagari script to Indian spices like cardamom and cowri shells found at the bottom of our oceans, this collection is the perfect blend of Indian traditions and 21st-century aesthetic and style. The charms are cast in brass and plated in gold; they come attached with the mauli, the sacred red thread. But once the thread wears off, you can replace the thread with a chain and voila, it’s something quirky yet meaningful to add to your personal style statement.So if you’re like me—the kind that waits till the last minute to do their Rakhi shopping because nothing’s ever pretty enough in the market, then head over to a nearby Nicobar store for one of these long-term wardrobe additions.