Retail Therapy While You Binge

It is “the” most trendy space to hang out. You shop, you eat and you even get to engage in activities, like a Yoga brunch or even learn how to lay a beautiful table, at a workshop organised by this very conscious label, Nicobar. “It is collaboration in every sense of the word,” says Ambika Seth, co-founder of Caara. “NicoCaara as a concept seamlessly integrates the space vision and the theme that runs in the collections showcased at the store. Both brands focus on products, seasonality & experience; and both are excited by local artisans & sustainable choices.”There are no walls or segments that separate the store or the cafe. “Our table & serveware is from Nicobar. In our menu, we follow seasons just like Nicobar. We even try & match our menu with lunar cycle that Nicobar follows.” she shares.