Crusted Tuna Escapagé à la HolyBelly

There are some things we know for certain, and top of that list is this one fact: everything tastes better by the sea. It is safe to say that we’re easily dazzled when we’re sitting seafront, with salty air whipping through our hair and the sound of crashing waves for a soundtrack. The real test is when a recipe impresses on a still, summer morning in the landlocked centre of Delhi. The HolyBelly team managed this, and more; we almost believed we were sitting beachside in our namesake paradise, and that’s a real achievement.

Dazzle your dining companions with their Crusted Tuna Escapagé.
What you’ll need
150 grams of fresh tuna fillet
One teaspoon of sesame seeds, both black and white
100 grams of fresh peas
100 grams of flour
10-12 kale leaves
50 grams of butter
A splash of sesame oil
A bunch of mint
A smidge of wasabi paste
Salt and pepper to taste
200 ml of soda
A deep fryer
Season the tuna on both sides, and then sear it in sesame oil on a very hot flat pan. Once it cools, roll it in the sesame seeds before chilling it in the fridge so that the seeds really stick.
Cook the peas and mint in butter with seasoning, and then blitz the mixture in a food processor. Pass it through a sieve and add wasabi for a little kick.
Heat up the oil to 180 degrees; whisk up the batter and dip each kale leaf in the batter before frying until golden brown.
Cut the tuna into thin slices, and then place them over the pea and wasabi purée with the chips on the side.

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