HolyBelly’s Classic Panna Cotta

One of our top desserts of all time, panna cotta (which translates to 'cooked cream') is both delicate and moreish, pure and creamy, but also a little bit naughty, and unbelievably delicious when partnered with a little saucy fruit.

And it isn’t mealtime at Nicobar without a sweet finish, which is why those lovely folk at HolyBelly let us in on their recipe for a classic panna cotta with a spiced jamun compote and crumbed pistachio. Sounds fancy, right? It is also so, so much easier to do than you think, although don’t expect yours to look like theirs, of course. That’s just a recipe for disappointment.
You’ll need
500 ml of cream
125 grams of white sugar
40 grams of brown sugar
A little bit of vanilla powder
16 grams of gelatin
300 grams of jamun
300 m of red wine

For the jamun coulis:
Wash the jamuns thoroughly and deseed them, before cooking them with sugar and red wine, stirring continuously. Blitz and purée, and then chill.

For the panna cotta:
Soak the gelatin leaf in cold water. Separately, bring the cream, sugar and vanilla powder to a boil, and then keep it aside to let it cool down. Add the soaked gelatin leaves to the cream mixture.
Pass it through a fine sieve and cool down the mixture until it thickens up. Pour in moulds and let it set overnight in fridge.
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