Rest up

At Nicobar, we’re all about easy, effortless living. That said, neither the “effortless” nor the “living” part of that philosophy is achievable without proper sleep. (You don’t want to see us when we’re in zombie mode.) Luckily, we’ve established a foolproof method for some solid shut-eye, and, well, it is pretty effortless.

Cheat sheets
Begin with the basics: invest in light, breathable, and soft cotton sheets in a colour and pattern that soothe you. (This goes for pillows and duvets, too.) One of our favourites is the Colombo Palm sheet set, which has a 300-thread count, and features elephants and palm trees intricately embroidered in cool grey.

Burn a candle (but not at both ends)
Lighting a candle in a relaxing scent always helps to de-stress and unwind before bed. Nicobar’s jar candles are compact enough for your bedside table – we like Zanzibar, a vanilla scent, and Madurai, which is reputed to have therapeutic properties. Light a few, so you can reduce the amount of bright, unnatural light (which keeps the brain awake even once it’s dark) in your room before bed.

A calming cup of chamomile helps cleanse your system and reduce anxiety (but any other herbal, non-caffeinated tea will do too).

Dress down
Marilyn Monroe may have said that the only thing she wears to bed is Chanel No. 5, but for those with modesty or AC-chill concerns, we’d recommend comfy, flexible nightwear. Sleep easy in our ultra soft yoga pants and relaxed, easy henley – they feel like a second skin.

Eyes wide shut
Eye masks are one of the best tools for regulating your sleep–we can’t do long-distance flights without them–but they come in pretty handy for sleepless nights at home as well. If your neighbourhood is noisy, consider popping in some ear plugs as well, and you’re all set for sweet dreams.