Postcard from Israel

Located between the “Red, Dead and Med” seas, Israel is small enough to drive through in seven hours. Karuna tells us why she could spend up to seven lifetimes here, exploring ancient architecture on land and beneath the seas, relaxing in the world’s richest natural spa, and losing herself in mystic markets reminiscent of Aladdin. If you’re looking for the perfect destination this summer, we suggest you cancel your tickets to Goa. Here are Karuna Parikh’s recommendations for traveling in Israel.

Besides being Jesus's place of crucifixion, Jerusalem is hands down one of the prettiest, best preserved ancient towns of the world, and is most beautiful for how it equally represents Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Who doesn't want to float on the surface of the saltiest sea on Earth? The Dead Sea is also the world's richest natural mineral spa.
Indulge in Tel Aviv's vivid nightlife - equal parts culture and craziness. Imagine tiny swing bars with Moroccan tiled courtyards, local bands, art galleries in back streets and romantic restaurants by the Mediterranean. And since you're there you can't leave without visiting the Jaffa Flea Market. Brimming with pottery, antiques, cut glass lamps and muslin summer dresses, the entire place is straight out of Aladdin. Go north towards Lebanon and explore the Rosh Hanikra Grottoes. Originally accessible to divers alone, you can now reach these limestone caves via cable car.
And if you do want to dive head to Caesarea. Built by Herod in 25BC the city survives till date almost in its entirety, hippodrome and all. The bits that don't, sank into the sea, where you can go dive between the corridors of the ancient world. Take a dip in the Sea Of Galillee, Israel's largest freshwater lake, where JC did his walk on the water trick. If you're up north you could stay a night at one of the beautiful Horse Ranches overlooking the sea.

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