Postcard from Glastonbury

As co-founders of Magnetic Fields festival (Time Out named it one of the world’s 50 best), Sarah and Munbir Chawla are both festie enthusiasts, as well as experts. Their personal favourite? Glastonbury.
(To be fair, we didn’t let them pick MagF.)

Why you love it:
S: One of the most diverse and well curated programs of music.
M: It's the best festival in the world, hands down, 100 festivals, in one, the best music in the world and culturally so relevant and rich - every time.

When you first went:
S: 2008
M: 2000 or 2001 - can't remember.

First time visitors must:
S: Try not to sleep much and get one really decent meal a day.
M: Shangri La / Trash City / Block 9 / watch the sunrise on stone circle. Also for some of the best sound and stage production, The Other Stage.
Local eats and best place to find them:
S: Pie Minister (make sure you have The Mothership) and The Organic Burger Company, now called Dirty Burger. Also Brothers cider (usually by the West Colts stage) is a must try.
M: There's a few dotted around but Pie Minister. My favourite pie in the world, no kidding.

A secret only a regular would know…?
S: Make sure you find the rabbit hole.

Top acts you’ve seen there:
S: The Dead Weather, Stevie Wonder, De La Soul, Jack White, Danny Brown, De Bridge, Fourtet, James Blake, Mogwai, Massive Attack, Lana Del Rey. So many incredible experiences discovering new music, comedy, circus, meeting people…it's pretty overwhelming.
M: Stevie Wonder, BLUR, De La Soul, Jack White, Massive Attack, James Blake, Mogwai, Danny Brown, Four Tet, so so much more.

And acts you’d love to see next time:
S: Radiohead and Sigur Ross
M: Too many to list. Top of the list would be FKA Twigs.

One thing to do in the city besides the festival (if in a city):
S: A recovery plan is essential to enjoying a really hectic festival. You need at least two clear days of nothing to gather all of your marbles and reflect on the good times. Glastonbury is in the middle of the British countryside so find yourself a nice B&B and park yourself there for a few days.
M: Visit Wiveliscombe. It's Sarah's birthplace and also one of the prettiest parts of the world and truly a home away from home. (Well, it's where Sarah's family home / my in laws also live.)

Essentials to pack:
S: Wellys, facewipes, hipflask, things that sparkle and are easy to dance in.For more, visit the Wild City website and the Magnetic Fields website.

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