Watching & wearing: Rosemary’s Baby

Mia Farrow cut her hair for Rosemary’s Baby – a look that both her real-life husband (Frank Sinatra) and movie husband (played by John Cassavetes) hated. They were in the minority: the cut, by Vidal Sassoon, became a sensation, and so did Mia’s wardrobe of abbreviated shift dresses. They came with pintucked empire waists, lace embroidery at the yoke, and in mod stripes – perfect for beating the New York City heat in style, and for escaping from your Satanist neighbours. Of at least three striped variations, this is our favourite:
Get the look at Nicobar with our striped tunic. It comes in a breezy cotton-linen blend, and, like Mia’s, features contrasting vertical and horizontal stripes (ours are in charcoal grey). Pair it with a matching headband – or, better yet, a liberating pixie cut. Just don’t wear it with a tannis root necklace that someone has gifted you.
We love 'Rosemary’s Baby', of course, in which Farrow’s innocent newlywed battles devil-worshippers and the patriarchy. To see her experience horrific-in-a-different-way relationship anxiety, watch Farrow in (ex-husband) Woody Allen’s 'Hannah and Her Sisters'.