Watching & wearing: Film noir

At Nicobar, we love film noir, a movie genre that’s drenched with glamour. It’s full of femme fatales, private eyes with a past, and dry martinis by the barrelful – all shot in gorgeously saturated black and white. And Lauren Bacall was the quintessential noir heroine: tough, no-nonsense, and sexy, equally effortless in boxy menswear or a slinky dress. Here’s one of our favourites:
For a contemporary spin on her look, try our Polka Cotton Dress. Both dresses feature a v-neck that meets a high waist with subtle pleating, with rollable elbow-length sleeves and an ankle-grazing length. Ours is in summer-friendly lightweight cotton, with a natural polka dot print.

Bacall’s best films are with her husband, Humphrey Bogart. Watch all the classic collaborations: 'The Big Sleep', 'Dark Passage', and 'To Have and Have Not' (in which Betty, as she was called by her husband, will teach you how to whistle).