Nimai Boutique

Nestled in the galis of Shahpur Jat, Nimai is a glorious treasurebox that we’d like to dip into daily. A jewellery boutique with a delightful selection of baubles, both big and small, Nimai is founded and curated by Pooja Roy Yadav, the brand’s CEO and a onetime brand consultant who, three years ago, decided instead to devote her days to jewellery. In Nimai you’ll find handcrafted jewellery from some of the country’s coolest new talent, pieces that are thoroughly modern, and even more covetable. We could spend hours in there festooning ourselves in the delights contained in those glass-fronted vitrines.

We ran Pooja through our Nico Q&A, and picked her brain about accessorising, and Shahpur Jat’s best kept secrets.

Tell us what we’ve missed in Shahpur Jat?
GreenR Store & Cafe - A multi brand destination that promotes holistic and conscious approach towards life. [Nimai’s sister brand, GreenR sits right above the Nimai store]

Your favourite accessory?
I am a huge fan of vintage jewelry and my go-to accessory is always a pair of chunky vintage earrings.

What’s your daily uniform?
I love clothes that are easy, fuss free and anti fit . My wardrobe has a lot of blues, whites, greys and neutral colors - they serve as a perfect canvas for my love of accessorising.
Silver or gold?
Both! I am a huge endorser of mixing metals.

Your favourite Instagram feed?
Man Repeller

Favourite spot to grab a bite in SPJ?
GreenR Cafe! They serve modern Californian Vegetarian fare and they will always be a first choice for a vegetarian foodie like me. My second choice - The Wishing Chair.

Your biggest design influence?
Design is anywhere and everywhere. People, places, everyday objects, nature and my love for travel always inspire me.

What are you reading/watching right now?
Watching - Short stories by Rabindranath Tagore
Reading - Love Wins by Debbie Cenziper and Jim ObergefellOne piece of advice for those hesitant to accessorise?
A look is incomplete without the right accessory and a strong piece can truly elevate even the most basic look! It’s all about trying, experimenting and adding your personal touch. Just give it a shot and there's no looking back.

Favourite spot in Delhi to unwind on a Friday evening:
The Piano Man

Nimai on Pooja : Her personal favourite vintage earrings, from her own collection, and a brooch by Chicory Chai. Both are available to buy at the Nimai store.

To shop Nimai online, visit their website. To visit the store, go to 416, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, Delhi.
To view our Nimai X Nicobar collaboration, go here.