Dandy men, rejoice. There’s suddenly a wealth of brands close to home that have their sights set firmly on your feet. Abhishek Sharma and Pranav Sawhney are two of these men, and the duo behind Dameriino, a shoe startup based out of the capital.The boys at Dameriino create fine, handcrafted leather shoes, but they didn’t always.
Pranav grew up in Delhi, and until fairly recently held the position of Culture Manager at Social, the bar-club and co-working hub that most Indian readers are likely already familiar with. If you haven’t actually spent an afternoon there working, you’ve likely sampled an awesamosa or two (their name, not ours) at theirs on a rainy afternoon, or nursed a Moscow mule while watching India’s finest at the DJ console. After fostering all that budding entrepreneurial talent, Pranav’s jumped ship to the other side. Abhishek grew up in Agra, spending his formative and school years there, he left behind a background of real estate development and event management to focus on the main event: your feet, gentlemen.

We caught up with both and ran them through the Nico Q&A.
Tell us about the name of your brand.
In Italian Dameriino means ‘a fashionable dressed man’ or ‘dandy’ which is the only way to describe the customers we make shoes for. It’s for the urban male who regards shoes not as an accessory, but as an essential component of this look, and wants to make a subtle statement with what adorns his feet.

How was Dameriino born?
Dameriino was launched towards the end of 2014 with the sole mission (haha) of dressing men in fashionable shoes, and at prices that aren’t exorbitant. We wanted to start Dameriino because no one was making the kind of designs and quality we wanted to buy in the price range we could afford, so we decided to start doing it ourselves. Simple!

Favourite pair of shoes in your closet?
AS :Stivali Chelsea boots.
PS :Tranquillo white leather sneakers with dirty gold detail.

Suits and sneakers: yea or nay?
AS: Always yes.
PS: Always yes. Last wedding season, I wore my white sneakers with a sharp midnight blue suit to a wedding reception, and I was surprised by the response it got. Sneakers are definitely here to stay, and we’ve got some exciting developments on that front coming up.

What’s next for Dameriino?
The plan is to continue to make good quality shoes, with unique but not too out-there designs, and keep selling them to all these amazingly fashionable men around us. We’re currently selling all over the country through the website, but the idea is to build the brand in Delhi with many add-on services like shoe laundry, quick repair, same day delivery, and many other things, to deliver maximum value for the reasonable price the customers pay. A lot of exciting things happening in the next few weeks and months.

To discover the world of Dameriino, and grab a pair for yourself, visit their website.