Simran Lal's Workplace 'Nicobar' has a Tropical Resort Vibe

Over 100 employees – mostly young and female – work from this location; they have coffee breaks on benches in the open air with birds chattering away in the trees above them, and wear comfortable walking shoes to get around the expansive property. There’s also a photo studio within the property – the brand focuses on beautiful visuals and a strong social-media presence – and models, makeup artists and photographers can be seen strolling about at all times. Nicobar has nine brick-and-mortar stores in seven cities, and one more is coming up soon. They do a substantial amount of retail online, offering fashion apparel, home furnishings, décor, tableware, and travel accessories targeted at millennials and globetrotters. “At Nicobar, we’re creating a modern Indian way of living, dressing and looking at the world,” goes the label’s ethos. It’s not so hard to do that when the people behind the brand are living it themselves.