Nicobar plans to add more stores

Online lifestyle shop Nicobar is planning to have 8 to 10 stores in total across India by next year. Nicobar is a design studio, so a lot of focus is on design of products. It already has stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore apart from pop-up entities at Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. Nicobar actively engages with larger design community to test and strengthen its offering.

The pop-up is a retail space to engage on an elevated dimension with contemporary audience looking beyond conventional retail formats. The pop-up form of the brand spans 10 yards in length and four in breadth, under a white tent and festooned with tropical fronds. The interior is pieced together like a series of vignettes and corners are punctuated with products designed for homes and wardrobes. Nicobar is going much beyond its online presence to create brick-and- mortar retail experiences through exclusive and pop-up store formats. While many are shutting down their brick-and- mortar outlets, Nicobar is focusing on physical space to create a very holistic experience, where the mood is of relaxation and wanderlust. Importance is given to creating a sensory experience for customers.

This fashion and lifestyle brand has floaty summer dresses, polka dotted wrap dresses, and slinky chanderi skirts. The lifestyle section features simple and elegant home accessories and linen – picture slate platters, ivory sheets, and tropical printed cushions. Story as it appeared.