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Goa is slowing becoming the hub of electric fashion, from the old hippy markets to new trend setters with Eco clothing and much more. The fabric and designs available in Goa today give one the opportunity to really set your own style whether it be for one’s home or to adorn the body. Goa has managed to imbibe real street trends with haute couture and resort wear.

To add to this ever-changing landscape of design in Goa, we now have Nicobar, the lifestyle design studio with a focus on effortless living. Launched in 2016 by the family that created Good Earth which embodies a modern Indian way of living, dressing, and looking at the world. Guided by conscious design and functional utility, this store’s aesthetic is essential, attainable and reflective of a languid tropical mindset. Nicobar is for modern consumers who are moving away from quick and compulsive purchases and believe in thoughtful acquisitions rather than impulsive purchases.

The design range at Nicobar traverses clothing, home and travel developed under the creative direction of designers Aparna Chandra (Design Head – Clothing), Arya Nerker (Design Head – Home) and Divya Kapoor (Design Head – Travel). The first store opened its doors to in March 2016 at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai followed by the second store in New Delhi on June 2016 at Meherchand Market in New Delhi. The brand plans on opening 7-8 stores across India over the next 4 years all across India.

Nicobar’s travelling island, The Nicobar Edit, is taking their in-store experience right to sunny tropics, and to the terrain they’re so inspired by. The Nicobar Edit’s third pit stop is now in Goa, a stone’s throw from charming La Plage on Ashvem Beach. Where they will be for three laid-back months, which kicked off on 20thNovember 2016 last year.

This Nicobar Edit’s interior is pieced together like a series of vignettes, with corners punctuated by their clothing, homeware, and travel accessories, that invite one to linger as long as you like. This pop-up shop is a little extra-special, and not just because they are by sea-side for three months, but also because they have got a few in-shop surprises up their sleeves. In tune with Goa’s beachy vibe, they have introduced their very first Resort collection, intended for year-end travels to sun-soaked places. From soft, floaty dresses and easy jumpsuits to skirts that’ll easily transition from beach to dinner under the starlit skies, it’s all there. Oh, and there are some easy essentials for the men too.

Simran Lal of Nicobar told us “Nicobar, as you know, is a lifestyle design studio by the same family that created Good Earth. Like its parent, Nicobar is inspired by the traditions of India, but has its own vision for the future, free from nostalgia. In Nicobar you’ll find a contemporary collection that is fresh and curious about the world. We are inspired by our namesake paradise, and we want to soak that tropical mindset into a lifestyle tailor-made for the contemporary Indian.

Nicobar is so much more than just fabric and thread. We make thoughtful pieces that we hope our customers will treasure, while exploring the creative edge of a rich culture, and considering how it communicates to a global audience. Our clothing collection is focused on fit, form, and fabric, with clothes that you can wear in many different ways, styling and layering being the essential central theme. Simplicity and detailing are the cornerstones of our home collections, designed to aid you in a voyage of discovery toward creating a home you love. Our travel line is for people imbibing wanderlust in their daily lives – a streamlined line of bags, clothing, and accessories designed to be worn and carried with ease, and with each other.”

A mix of textures, lighting, and moods, The Nicobar Edit’s pop up has the home collection that is very chic, with contemporary line of beautiful glassware, stoneware, and slate and marble accessories, as well as crisp organic cotton and jute. Guided by conscious design and functional utility, this store has aesthetic is essential, attainable and reflective of a languid tropical mindset. They are a design studio, and while a lot of our focus is on design, it is also on the sensory experience that they have created for their customers. While others shut down their brick-and-mortar homes, Nicobar is focusing on the physical space to create a very holistic experience, one where the mood is of relaxation and wanderlust and all this under a white tent and festooned with tropical fronds in Ashwem.

Nicobar is online at www.nicobar.com with the entire range of Nicobar clothing, home, and travel if you want to shop from the comfort of your own home. Story as it appeared.