Australian chef collaborates with Indian design brand Nicobar

"You might remember me from this tiny show called MasterChef Australia,” is how the twinkly-eyed chef introduces himself in the latest trailer for his collaboration with Indian design brand, Nicobar. Together with his wife Mandy Mehigan, Australian chef Gary Mehigan has launched Indian Ocean, a range of tableware and cookware that brings together Indian and Australian culture in its craft, design and application. “I love using beautiful cookware and cutlery when we cook, and eat with friends,” says Mandy Mehigan. “I think cookware is important because it sets a tone and feeling — whether that’s at home or in a restaurant.” Mandy also shares with us how she has a habit of turning a particular tableware upside down to see where it is from. “Gary and Jenna, my 17-year-old daughter, always tell me off!” says Mandy with a smile. We ask her about the collaboration with Nicobar’s Raul Rai and Simran Lal and she says, “Gary has travelled extensively in India, and he is in love with the place and the people — like Raul and Simran to name a few. One of the first gifts that he brought me home from India was from Nicobar, and I love their stores.”