PCO’s mood drinks

Party like it’s 1929 at PCO, Delhi’s first subterranean speakeasy.
Gain access through a telephone box where you punch in a (constantly-changing) 4-digit code, and inside this bi-level bar you’ll find waitstaff are more dapper than the bar’s patrons, in crisp shirts and suspenders, and some of the best prohibition-era cocktails this end of the world.

One of our favourite little tricks? The bar will concoct you drinks based specifically on your mood. They don’t exactly mean “Work was rubbish, keep them coming,” but if you pick your spirit of choice, and indicate a general flavour preference, Vicky Thakur, their numero uno bartender, will blend you the perfect libation to pick up a bad day, or make a good day an even better one.

Our favourites? Vicky made us a quartet of drinks, one with tequila, another with gin, a third with dark rum, and finally, one with vodka.
Vicky’s version of a Tequila Sunrise the drink to kickstart your weekend on a Friday night. (Or Thursday, or Wednesday, really.) With fresh orange juice, Campari, and lime juice, we were transported from Vasant Vihar straight to a white sand beach somewhere.

If your mood is more dour, a soothing cuppa is what the doctor ordered, and Vicky’s Gin & Tea, with PCO’s own Earl Grey infusion, is a delicious tipple for teatime, or anytime.
A Jasper Rum Punch was stiff and bracing, transporting us to Christmastime, while our top pick was the Maid in India, a close contender for the ‘Most Refreshing Cocktail, Ever’ award. Tart and fresh, we’d defy any mood, sweet or sour, that’d resist the charms of this drink. And with vodka, mint, and cucumber, we sense this one’ll be soothing a fair few frazzled nerves this summer.

Send a text or a WhatsApp message to 9711108482 for the access code to PCO.