Bowl bar

There is absolutely nothing to compare to a meal in a bowl, as far as we’re concerned. A blank canvas for a full meal, a convenient single-vessel way to eat, and portable! Our favourite feature by a long way, we love the ease with which you can move from table to bed to sofa with your bowlful of porridge, ramen, soup, or biryani.

We asked award winning chef Vikram Khatri from Guppy by ai to run us through a day in bowls, done Japanese-style, and he prepared five of the most delicious bowls we’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling.
Breakfast was salmon with scrambled egg on a bed of steamed black rice with seaweed, braised daikon and carrot. We’ve often heard a silly rumour that eating rice in the morning or afternoon makes you both tubby and sleepy, but to counter, a typical Japanese breakfast includes steamed rice for carbohydrate energy, miso soup for that lovely, fermented umami to help you rise, and a protein to keep you full until lunch. Long considered one of the world’s healthiest and most well-rounded diets, we’re going with the Japanese. Chef VK’s version also starred delicious pops of daikon and carrot.
For a little later in the day: braised eel donburi on a bed of sautéed vegetables. A new take on the donburi (rice bowl), this lovely bowl included melt in your mouth eel atop sautéed veggies.
Lunch should always be the Hiyashi tantanmen (cold ramen) bowl, possibly the best ramen this side of Tokyo. Accompanied by a sesame broth and topped with an array of vegetables, this was the perfect slip and slide of crunchy veggies offset by soft noodles. Great for summer, when you’re a wholesome meal but also something to cool you down.
For a mid-afternoon slump, the tofu curry rice is the sort of thing that satiates in the way that your grandmum’s food does; comfort food at its best.

Our evenings now belong entirely to Guppy’s udon with exotic vegetables, the most warming, satisfying bowl of the day so far. Topped with crispy garlic chips, this is way we want all days to end.

There’s no denying it, Guppy’s food is better than yours. But if you’d like to attempt easy versions of some of their classics, visit the links below.
To learn how to assemble a salmon sashimi bowl at home, go here, and click here for our Q&A with Chef Vikram Khatri.