The Nicobar Edit

January will come to a glorious, winding halt in one of Rajasthan’s sunny palaces. The Nicobar Edit is going to the souk at Ranthambore Festival.

From January 27th through to the 29th you’ll find us in Nahargarh Palace for three glorious days (and moonlit nights) of folk music, tiger sightings, open-air wildlife film screenings, and yoga, meditation, and music workshops.

Under white tents and surrounded by all manner of desert greens, The Edit will house bits and pieces across our lines, but a special selection of our finest Travel goodies. The tiger stamps sewn onto our packing aids find their natural habitat here, as will all our Travel clothing, every bit as functional as it is beautiful. This expanse of mossy silk and liquid denim is in silhouettes that allow for mobility during the day and layering after-hours.

Cutting a wide swathe through our edit is our Maasai homeware that travels the depths of the African Great Lakes for treasures like inky chevrons and fine paint stroke details on glazed surfaces. Find, also, our throws and cushions in lovely, locally-sourced fabrics. All of this, plus a tight edit picked out just for the men.

See you in Ranthambore!

The Ranthambore Festival takes place January 27th to 29th. Tickets and more details here.