Holiday reading: Boat magazine

Twice a year, Erin and Davey Spens pack up their East London studio and relocate to a new city to produce a travel magazine like no other. The philosophy behind Boat reflects a desire to break from the existing model of travel. In its own words, “there’s become this habit of arriving in a place to get what you came for and then leaving. Without ever stopping to listen. Without getting to know that city and letting it tell you its story”.
This is the charm of Boat— a commitment to shine a different kind of light on a city, by immersing itself in the traditions of its people, its history, its architecture, and its art. Each edition focuses on a different city, from Reykjavik to Havana, illuminating a deeper, more complex side than its mainstream representation. The magazine’s style is as dynamic as its content. While all its editions are filled with arresting imagery, its design brings it all to life. From layout to colour palette, each issue immerses itself in the influences of its city-subject. Filled with honest editorials from locals, gritty anecdotes, and lost recipes, Boat Magazine inspires us to take journeys beyond well-worn paths.

Till date, Boat Magazine has released 11 editions- almost all of which are available for order on their website.