Goa essential: the Celery Slush at Sublime

In Morjim, it’s not just the sunsets that live up to the promise of Sublime’s name.
This now-classic shack is only a short walk from our pop-up shop, and while the celery slush might sound like a dubious version of a fairground drink, it is actually a remarkably easy-quaffing cocktail, and one that’s put a fair few sunsets to bed.

Blending celery, crushed ice, vodka, lime and mint, it is Kermit-green, tart, tangy, and goes down like a dream. Go at sunset and watch the large pink sun dip into the horizon as you sip one of these, and then stay for dinner because the menu might be concise, but everything on it is super. The tuna tartare is buttery, the wok-tossed beef is moreish, and we might’ve skipped dessert, but we’ve been told that their sweets are also, you guessed it, sublime.