Borrowing inspiration from modern architecture and clean lines, our newest home line features Tianjin, a Chinese cityscape of moody hues interspersed with pops of colour. Find monochromatic tones, minimal motifs and hints of gold for your bedrooms coming all the way from China's Northern quarters. There’s plenty of Eastern influence married with Nicobar's signatures: crisp cotton bedspreads and sheets in all-white, dotted with palms, pagodas and our favourite elephants. Deep charcoal throws and cushions are contrasted with ivory, and plush cushions with oriental knot detail in complementary yin and yang hues. There's even cushions in rich Chanderi striped with black and gold for months of festivities.

A meditative mood, and a new season.
Photography by Nayantara Parikh
Stylist Sarah Ishtiyaque