Shweta’s rules for dressing

„I think when you freelance it’s important to have some sort of discipline in place, not just to get work done, but also waking up in the morning dressing up like you’re going to work (which you are).„
Working for yourself can be super. For a start, there’s the fact that your boss is fantastic. Also, can you say flexible hours? Is there a downside? There are many, but for the sake of this piece we’ll limit it to the sartorial: getting dressed. To be precise, making the effort to put together an outfit because who’s going to be seeing it anyway?

It’s a dilemma that graphic designer Shweta Malhotra’s familiar with. She’s worked from home, and now co-works with other designers in a bright, beautiful studio in Delhi. She first dipped her toe into freelance waters after eight years of working in advertising agencies and creative studios. “Initially, it was fun just being in your pyjamas all day,” she told us, “but eventually you have to get into a routine.”

Shweta’s called the new studio home a year and a half now, and shared her super-simple rules for getting dressed when you work for yourself:

1. While dressing up is an important step in a freelancer’s routine, remember that you have the freedom to be creative and be in your own skin and dress the way you like. Anything other than pyjamas.

2. Dress up like you are going to work, but take the liberty of dressing easy and comfortable.

3. Stick to your personal style. My everyday style is easygoing, minimal, mostly over-sized and comfortable. And that’s exactly how I dress to work.

Shweta answered the Nico Q&A here, and to see her homage to Nicobar’s sold-out polka dot dress go here.