Munbir and Sarah

We’re pretty certain you know Sarah and Munbir Chawla already. The founders of Wild City, and co-founders of Magnetic Fields, our all-time favourite music festival, have been pretty pivotal players in most of our top nights out in venues across the country (bars, clubs, Rajasthani palace dungeons… you know, the usual).

Munbir and Sarah both graduated from university in the UK in 2006 (Munbir studied music technology, while Sarah did Literature and Philosophy). They moved to Delhi in 2011 to set up Wild City, an online music magazine and events company, a super-timely venture that’s been a massive part of shaping India’s still-fledgling music and nightlife scene.

Magnetic Fields was recently named one of the top 50 music festivals in the world by Timeout. and we caught up with them earlier this month to run them through the Nico Q&A, as well as get a few handy festival first-timer tips.Your top music festival tip - what should a first timer do?
S: It's important that you strike a balance between being comfortable and looking fantastic!
M: Dress for both the sun and the snow. It can get brutally hot, dancing all day, with no shade. It can also get cold at night, no matter, how close you huddle together on the dance floor.

Favourite destination you've ever been:
S: Japan - it's an addictive country!
M: Favourite festival? If so: Glastonbury Festival. Favourite Place? If so: Tokyo

A place you're dying to visit:
S: Iran
M: Columbia, Southern Brazil, Peru, Lots of China

Always in your carry-on luggage:
S: Lavender oil, mints, Nivea and headphones.
M: Toothbrush

Souvenirs I always bring home:
S: I always love to raid local supermarkets for interesting looking condiments, sweets and things that look bizarre.
M: Snacks, Nibbles, generally anything edible.

Any odd travel rituals?
S: Not really but I do like to start a long flight with a Bloody Mary!
M: Nope.

Your favourite places for a party?
M: Anti Social (both Delhi and Mumbai), Bandstand, Alsisar Mahal. But also, clearly I'm getting old… the office, or by the sea, Goa (not Sunburn, Supersonic).

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