Spring into spring

As the days grow longer and winter starts to recede into memory, we are planting our feet firmly into spring. It is the most vibrant time of the year, and the most hopeful, as the season turns and we stand facing the sun. It’s when we start thinking of travel, and right now we’re thinking of Sri Lanka.

Serendipity, the idea of accidental and unexpected discoveries, is at the heart of our travel collection, and the same mood inspired the name by which this island was once known: Serendip. This season we’ve drawn inspiration from this little island just off our Southern coast. In an homage to the island’s fishermen, our checks reappear in a pared-back dotted version that symbolises their nets as well as the island’s quaint roads and pathways. Little motifs loops back again to these same fishermen, and our now-signature twill tape is inspired by Geoffrey Bawa’s bold architecture.

Sift through this travel-ready capsule and you’ll find details that hint at multi-functionality, travel, and practicality.

There’s only one way to welcome spring: with a new collection, travel, and a spring in your step.