Mornings done right

Much like that foolproof outfit that pulls everything together, or the way you like your tea that only you know, morning routines are personal. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. There are certain things, however, that are universal, and that is a hot cup of something. Whether it’s a sweet cup of chai or a bitter mug of piping-hot coffee, that morning beverage is special, and we’re all about giving these daily rituals the sanctity they deserve.

In 2017 we’re looking east, and toward the origin of the sun, and our homeware is soaked in placid blues, from shibori-dyed textiles and boro-inspired patchwork through to those distinct blue and white ceramics that will transport you straight to Japan.
Nowhere is this influence more significant than on the humble cup of tea. The Japanese tea ceremony might be a little out of reach on a Monday morning (or, let’s be honest, Wednesday), but there is something special about taking the time to make that little cup a ritual. The Japanese pride themselves on their tea ceremonies, also called the Way of Tea, and while closer to home chai (and coffee) is a slightly more relaxed affair, we can’t help but imbue our mornings with a little extra zen in these gorgeous kulhar-inspired glasses. We chose the prettiest flowering tea we could find, and took time to savour its slow, beautiful blossoming.
If you’re more coffee-leaning than tea, and your mornings are more ‘go’ and less ‘slow’, you can still fire up the cafetière, have a nibble of something carb-heavy, and enjoy a quick pour in one of these glossy little cups. We’re extra partial to this bunch, you might be able to tell, but we love when things are as beautiful as they are functional, all in rich, inky, jewel-like tones peppered with floral flourishes and swirling geometric patterns. Use those glossy kulhars with their scalloped-rims for tea or cocktails, these little plates for tapas or tempura, and those tin tea cans for loose-leaf or bagged tea. We even created a little shibori corner to infuse zen into our mornings by a bay window, with super-soft cushions that we sank into for a little longer than usual. Make your mornings count.

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