Community Eating at Ping's

The best meals are shared; enjoyed together at a table that spills over with colour, wafting aromas, and a lot of love. As the year marches onward into a season washed in a fresh palette of autumnal shine, we’re livening up our homes (and tables) to suit the festivities and celebrations that await.

As a crop of new eating joints spring up in every part of Delhi, we headed to Ping’s, where we paired our new House & Home collection (fittingly peppered with motifs that traverse the Orient) with this Asian café’s flavours. Doused in the cherry-tinged light we filled our dinner plates, marble platters, serving bowls, and pinch pots with soupy noodles, sashimi and sushi rolls, and delightfully tangy vinaigrettes. Breaking down the elements of classic chinoiserie and reimagining them in a fresh and modern way, our dinner collection features speckled plates, textured jute runners, smooth marble coasters with gilded corners, alabaster marble cheese boards you can repurpose as platters, sake jug and mugs for an ice-cold shot of the fermented brew, and kulhars to hold your favourite drink.

Fashioned after China in spirit, this little autumn-ready capsule celebrates the diversity of meals from the world over, and will seamlessly figure into kitchen cabinets anywhere. Our only tip: make it colourful, hearty, and always, always share with friends and family.