At home with La French Studio

For much of the world summer is when the fog parts and the sun returns, bringing with it a renewed love for life, and the outdoors. Not so much in India, where we retreat indoors and dream of being submerged in cool water through these scorching months. Yes, paradoxically our idea of summer currently involves staying indoors as much as possible (or retreating to the mountains any chance we get), and it appears La French Studio’s agenda aligns perfectly with ours.

This spanking new design studio in Mumbai is run by a French couple who left Paris behind for India’s cultural and philosophical richness (their words). They dabble in a bunch of design projects ranging from interiors and furniture to photography, food styling, and brand development. We adore their vibe, so they put together a little primer on summer home style for us.
Tell us about La French Studio.
We are husband and wife duo - Guillaume and Amandine. We love sophistication and very simple things in equal parts; we love walking in Paris and equally love trekking in Kashmir. We’ve brought French design with us to India; we are passionate about, and fuelled by French Art Décoratif and modern design.

When did you start La French Studio, and why here?
We started in India a year ago at the start of 2016. This is much more than a job or a brand to us, it is a major change in our way of life. It’s about fulfillment as a couple and family, being creative, and expressing ourselves through design and style.

Being in India is an ingredient of slow living, which is something we wanted in our lives. It is about the land and the people, and the strong cultural heritage of India. In the West, India is famous for her spirituality, philosophy, and natural healing techniques like yoga and ayurveda, and while the country is developing fast, we feel connected to the culture here, and well as the value of tolerance and belief. As part of our designing and styling journey, India is where we would love to travel to learn about local craftsmanship and the many techniques used. A favourite project?
In this moment we’re thoroughly enjoying product design, and are working on a capsule of terrazzo furniture made for India Design 2017. Our first project here in India at the very start of our journey is very close to our heart too, and that was our work at a bungalow in Bandra.
Next for us is a whole lot of product design with furniture (and flooring as well), and multiple artwork projects. We’re also dipping into some photography projects; one a personal project, and the other in collaboration with an Indian brand for a large social design project, to spread beauty in the streets of India.

How’re you using Nicobar products and styling tips you’d like to share?
Nicobar is a really fresh and modern brand, and it ties in beautifully with our idea of travel. We particularly love your light colors and materials. To us, Nicobar’s aesthetic is simplicity, lightness, and sharing peaceful moments at a meal around the table, which so closely mirrors our own aesthetic. We love cooking and styling, so we wanted to stage (or set) your product in our interior.

When styling:
Always tell a story when you set up a place to give meaning to your interior,
Mix vintage with the contemporary, and
Display artwork to reflect your personality, like paintings, photographs, and antiques.

Find La French Studio here.