Dip-dyed planters

„At Nicobar, we’re all about the creative process. Playful, messy, and supremely satisfying, there’s nothing quite like making your own something. To help us get started, we asked our home stylist, Shohini Munshi (she lives here) to dig into her supplies closet and get creative. „This DIY comes as easy as a handful of change, but looks well over its worth in chicness, once done. Pick your favourite planter (ours is hand-thrown and hazel), and a succulent to go with it (we’re partial to these self-sufficient suckers). Use masking tape along the desired height you’d like the dip-dyeing to shine through. This allows room for awry brushstrokes, resulting in a neat, even paint job. Apply gold paint using a flat brush. Let it dry; then watch your windowsill sparkle.

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