Colours of Nicobar

Nose around our studio and you’ll find a Pantone shadecard wash of browns, greens and whites. It’s here that we borrow from the ocean, the sky and all else in between. Nicobar’s travel section is many things, but it is above all a state of mind. When we’re designing our clothing, bags, and travel accessories we’re thinking of the considered traveller, and picking on themes that hint at a life spent journeying: a messenger bag that’d work for many situations, and all genders. Coat hanger and laptop bags that will contain, of course, the things their names hint at, but also a dozen other bits and bobs. Our clothing includes khaki silks and neutral cottons that are liquid to touch, and we’re surrounded by cool marble and little bits of weave that cannot help but sidle into our designs.When putting together these essentials that truly represent us in the everyday, we begin, always, with colour. We found the shades of settling mist, of frosted glass, of gravelly pathways and of the slowing transitioning weather. Our greens became Misty lichen for a cross between a patch of damp lichen and the feel of mist on skin. There is Nicobar’s signature Frosted olivine, for prism-light bouncing off rare minerals in dark corners. Nicobar’s blends of ivory and charcoals were quickly badged Pebble and Smoked carbon. You will see gradients of Weathered ebony mixed with the berry pop of fresh flowers in our styling. The skies and water bodies lend themselves to Nicobar navy, our dip-dyed indigo that you’ll see across the store. There is also its calmer counterpart: Chamonix blue, that traces back to snow-clad peaks in Switzerland and mountains of skiing gear. Those essential washes of olivine, ivory, charcoal and indigo are seasoned with hints of Pompeian red and Fall orange. Our travel line is an inspired mix of things to be used on the regular in colours that complement the daily.