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Swimmer Among the Stars: Stories
Kanishk Tharoor’s debut book of short stories, which received a rave advance review from Amitav Ghosh, explores long voyages, lost languages, and endangered cities. Tharoor comes from a long line of writers: his mother, grandmother, and, yes, his dad, Shashi. But the family name doesn’t matter – Tharoor’s gentle magical realism sets him apart.

The Girl on the Train
If you’re looking for something to cure your Gone Girl withdrawal, try The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins. We like a moderately lurid, twisty thriller anytime we’re on a plane or at the beach, and The Girl on the Train – with its questionable revelations from an alcoholic protagonist – fits the bill.

The Man Who Ate Everything
This wickedly funny memoir, by Vogue restaurant critic Jeffrey Steingarten, has an expert opinion on the potato chip, a defense of cooking with sugar, salt, and fat, and confessions about the chic cuisines he secretly hates (but bravely sampled anyway, in the name of journalism). The book is a travelogue as much as a memoir, and – even better – there are recipes for everything from choucroute to French fries.