Of Simplicity and Thoughtful Living

Step into an erstwhile haveli restored to please the senses, along a broad avenue off Thousand Lights. Nicobar that has made it’s mark in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Jodhpur, is all set to give Chennaiites a sensory experience with a cultural immersion the brand seeks to create for its visitors reflective of its design philosophy. The fashion brand embodies a modern Indian way of living, dressing, and looking at the world. Guided by conscious design and functional utility, the Nicobar aesthetic is essential, attainable and reflective of a languid tropical mindset. Nicobar is for a modern consumer, who is moving away from impulsive and compulsive purchases and believe in thoughtful and meaningful acquisitions. Sprawling 2300 square feet (and then some), our newest outpost is down south, in Chennai. Located along a broad avenue off Thousand Lights, Nicobar’s Chennai abode can be found perched atop Good Earth. A meandering space with six distinct sections, our newest home stays true to the vibe of the east coast—fresh, open, and starring enough timber and greens to supplant any tropical garden. Simran Lal, Co-founder and Creative Director, Nicobar says “It’s a great time for Nicobar to have a store in Chennai which is emerging again not just as a cultural hub but also as a global city. This very culture of the city reflects its diverse population which has resulted in a unique blend which we think is what defines a Nicobar customer. Also, the fact that it is a tropical city, we had to have a Nicobar outpost in Chennai.”

The Nicobar design range traverses clothing, home and travel developed under the creative direction of designers Aparna Chandra (Design Head - Clothing), Arya Nerker (Design Head - Home) and Divya Kapoor (Design Head - Travel). Raul Rai, Co-founder and CEO, "Nicobar was created to establish a modern Indian voice. We are a design led digital brand with physical experiential stores to complement our online experience. My dream is making Nicobar a design hub by bringing together a team passionate about design and digital.” Don’t miss the swing, a brimming bookshelf, a letter-writing desk, and a series of glass bottles dispensing home fragrances. This hub is where you feel the spirit of Nicobar in a tactile, tangible way.