A monsoon diary

The Head of home design at Nicobar, Arya Nerker, shares a few pointers about turning our homes into a monsoon oasis.

While every season in India has its own charm, the monsoon is special for more reasons than one. There’s something about grey skies and rainy days that bring with it a feeling of nostalgia, which is also why this is a season suited to days spent indoors, and making time for introspection. Snuggle up indoors with a book, a hot cup of tea, and enjoy the pitter-patter of raindrops, and it really doesn’t matter whether you’re in a high-rise apartment hobnobbing with treetops or in a one-level bungalow looking out at a lush front yard. When you’re spending this much time at home, make it a sanctuary. Arya Nerker, head of home design at Nicobar to shares a few pointers about turning our homes into a monsoon oasis, and these were her tips.

— During the monsoons tradition dictates that you break out the pakoras, and whether you’re sticking with the classics or detouring into soupy bowlfuls of noodles or buttery corn on the cob, take some time to make mealtime really special. Dress your table with snack plates, soup bowls, and platters that feature the slightest play of colour (like Nicobar’s Nakano serveware) that’ll make the lush green of fresh veggies really pop. The Kintsu Breakfast Set helps make gloomy mornings a little more reverential, and will hold a hearty serving of whatever’s on the menu.

— Everything is more lush in the monsoon. With the light being so moody outside, channel that same ambience indoors. Keep lights moody and dim, and light a few candles (try the Madurai or Anglesey jar candles) to cast a lovely, flickering glow. Indigo Shibori cushions help to create a pool of inky hues.

— It’s a lovely time to get back to reading, and start to work your way through your reading list. Make downtime positively cocoon-like with a soft throw, either spread out on the sofa or wrapped around you if the weather’s slightly nippy. Settle into a bunch of colourful sink-in cushions and it helps to have the remote within arm’s reach.

— If you can’t go out, bring the outdoors in… fling open the windows and let the cool breeze through your home. Swap out vases of flowers for hefty stalks of palm and banana leaves, and always keep citronella-anything handy to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

— Use that time spent indoors to catch up on your correspondence, and that’s not email we’re referring to. Nothing beats the pleasure of receiving a handwritten note, so take the time to put pen to paper, and we can guarantee you won’t regret the time you spend on it. Nicobar’s little stationery kits include cards, envelopes and gilded pineapple stickers to seal your special words, and they sit perfectly on any study table, paired with an alphabet mug that’ll replace your pen holder, smooth marble coasters, and a glass vase.

— Finally, use the rain as an excuse (and motivation) to do some no-cost redecoration. With the little extra time you have on your hands, use it to move your furniture around and breathe new life into your interior. It’s the best way to refresh your home without too much effort.
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