Two recipes from The Bombay Canteen

At The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai’s Lower Parel, classic Indian flavours and regional dishes are the stars, and yet every dish has a little twist, a little injection of freshness, and a spin that is entirely this kitchen’s own. We’ve made no secret of our love for this great restaurant, but they were kind enough to share two little recipes with us, for those evenings that you want to attempt a little magic of your own in the kitchen. There’s a fish dish and a drink to sip on while you get your hands dirty. Will it live up to theirs? We can’t say, but we’ve got our gear ready (and their reservations number on speed dial should this fail).
For the pomfret in red chilly gravy

You will need:
A whole pomfret
300 grams of Kashmiri chilli
5 teaspoons of cumin seed
30 black peppercorns
Loads of garlic
A bunch of ginger
2.5 teaspoons of turmeric
1 and a quarter cups of Goan vinegar

Soak the chillies in warm water and then blend with remaining ingredients and cook till the oil separates. Season and adjust with Goan Vinegar.

Pat the pomfret dry, dust with flour. Pan sear, and cook the fish through in the pan. Warm the sauce and place in the plate. Place seared pomfret over the sauce.Garnish with fried curry leaves.
For the Dark Monsoon

45ml of Old Monk rum
30ml lime juice
10ml ginger syrup
3 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Ginger ale to top-up
Garnish with mint sprigs and a lime wheel.