The Supper Club’s Salmon Rice Cracker blini

The Supper Club is always busy experimenting with new dishes and exotic cuisines. For our visit to their farm, they laid out a Thai spread that was lush and bursting with colour and flavour.

Their recipe for salmon-topped blini subs in rice crackers, for a modern take on that Soviet classic. Add in a touch of fire with wasabi cream and you have a thoroughly fresh canape that will add a splash of glam to the easiest evening at home.
You’ll need
200 grams of smoked salmon
As many rice crackers as you like
5 grams of wasabi paste
100ml of whipping cream
Sesame seeds to garnish

Whip the cream with the wasabi paste, until light and fluffy (add more wasabi paste if you like it fiery). Smear some on a rice cracker, top with a coil of smoked salmon, and garnish with sesame seeds. It is that simple.

To read our Q&A with the duo, go here. To view the second recipe (chicken Satay, yum), go here. To know more about The Supper Club, visit their website.