The Gondhoraj Margarita

We need no provocation to bust out a margarita, but this particular one heroes one of our favourite things, and that’s encouragement enough. Move over kaffir lime, the fragrance of the gondhoraj lime is where it’s at. The Curry Brothers gave us a recipe and we’re making this margarita by the pitcher, for weekend brunch, evening pick-me-ups, and everything in between. You’ll need:
The juice of half a gondhoraj lime
The juice of one regular lime
One large strip of gondhoraj zest or peel (remember to salvage this before you juice the lime)
2-3 tbsp of simple syrup (equal parts of water and sugar, dissolved, we suggest using a nice brown or palm sugar)
60ml tequila (we love Desmondji’s 100% agave)
15ml Cointreau (Triple Sec will also do)
3-4 large ice-cubes
Champagne coupes to serve
Shake up all the ingredients (except the zest) with a pinch of salt in a cocktail shaker. When nicely chilled and frothy, give it a taste, adjust sweetness if necessary, and strain into the champagne coupes (rim the glasses with a quick rub of lime, and then salt, if you so please). Sprinkle lime zest into the mix, so you get a real whiff of that heady fragrance.
Knock back quickly.

Multiply the recipe x 4 and pour over a pitcher full of crushed ice to serve to guests.

For The Curry Brothers' take on Nico's Q&A, visit here and for their Crab Moilee recipe, here.