Earthy. Sweet. Smoky. Fruity. Tea is an addiction, but the best possible kind. With all those anti-oxidative properties, the warming abilities of a lush blanket, and just all that goodness, it’s always time for tea here at Tulsi Farms. And with the festive season behind us (Christmas is still a little way away), we’re now replacing cocktails with chai.

Diwali’s done, and the weather’s on the turn already. It’s getting to that time of year when we want a steady injection of warm beverages at easy reach, and we lucked out this year with the discovery of a great new service.
Teabox delivers a great selection of delicious loose leaf teas, is fresher and there’s so much on offer that even the pickiest chai-drinker will find something that’s right for them. They’re particular about their teas and the culture that surrounds this brew, and as a brand that considers tea their inheritance, they work hard (and smart) to banish all middlemen, turning Teabox into a crop to cup experience.
We brewed a few cups, and ended up with a few new favourites, across an ombre spectrum of black, green and white teas. Our picks from the few we’ve tasted (we need a couple of months to get through the entire range) are the fragrant Chocolate Marmalade, the sweet smelling Ivory Blossom, and the Basil Twirl with its poignant melody of fresh and floral flavours. We particularly love tea with an umami flavour profile and there are some of those loose leaf bits in there. Oh, and look, we dressed these lovely Teabox blends in our pretty Art Deco Chand Sitara tableware.

Teabox is completely our cup of tea. Discover more of their blends and brews here.