Nicobar’s Cocktail Club: The Chaitini

„Welcome to Nicobar’s Cocktail club, where we gather round the kitchen island to do what we do best: drink. There’s a wealth of beautifully crafted cocktails out there, and we’re dipping our pinkies into the game, trying our hand at cocktails we like to quaff, while making sure they’re easy enough to replicate even as the hours wear on. Expertly chilled, and exceptionally balanced… sometimes. Delicious and so much fun, always.„
We’re channeling Getafix’s concocting skills (and unbridled good nature) with potions of our own, mixed up outdoors in the sunshine, using generous splashes of Hendrick’s Gin (a classic and a favourite). Our first go takes our other longstanding drink, chai, and pimps it until it goes from a morning staple to a midnight must-have

The Chaitini

You will need
1 measure of Hendrick’s Gin
1 measure of chai-sugar syrup (we’ll talk you through it)
The zest of half a lemon

To make the chai-sugar syrup:
Brew strong tea (but watch to ensure it doesn’t get too bitter). Add equal parts tea and sugar in a pan, and then stir to dissolve the sugar. Set aside and let it cool before using it to make drinks.

Throw the chai-sugar syrup, gin and ice into a shaker, give it a good shake and then strain it out into a glass. Top with the zest of half a lemon and garnish with a slice of lime. Cheers!

We're also giving you a taste of this season's piña colada aka the Nicolada.