Nicobar Cocktail Club: The Sombrero

„"Welcome to Nicobar’s Cocktail Club, where we gather round the kitchen island to do what we do best: drink. There’s a wealth of beautifully crafted cocktails out there, and we’re dipping our pinkies into the game, trying our hand at cocktails we like to quaff, while making sure they’re easy to enough to replicate even as the hours wear on. Expertly chilled, and exceptionally balanced… sometimes. Delicious and so much fun, always."„When we think Mexico, we think margaritas, so it was quite a departure for us to sidestep the tequila and pick up the rum, but here we are. Plus, after many Instagram sightings, we were curious about the dragon fruit. From the same gene pool as the cactus (dagger cactus to be precise), the dragon fruit is mostly a succulent bulb of water and fibre with an extremely photogenic spiky and magenta outside. Slice it open to find milky pulp dotted with black seeds and a melon-like fruit whose quality cuts the lingering smokiness that follows rum. This, when spiked with lime, mint, and The Good Juicery’s bubbly apple juice will take you straight to sunny cobbled roads, endless oceans, and a mariachi tune on repeat. Sort of. Look, we liked it and we’ll be making more.
You will need:
1 measure of light rum of your choosing
1 can of Good Juicery Sparkling Apple juice
Half a cup of diced dragonfruit
The zest of half a lemon
A sprig of mint leaves
Lemon juice

Dice a medium-sized dragonfruit and set it aside. Wedge the rim of a highball glass with muddled dragon fruit and throw in the rum, mint leaves, diced dragonfruit, lemon juice and ice. Top it off with a can of sparkling apple juice from Good Juicery and you’re golden. Chin chin!