Margarita, meet Michelada

Nothing goes with Mexican food as well as a mean margarita. There are endless variations on this tequila-based cocktail, but the original at Khan Market’s La Bodega is the one to beat. Smriti and Neeti gave us a recipe so easy it’d be criminal not to try it.Ingredients
60 ML Tequila
15 ML Lime juice
15 ML Triple sec

Prepare the margarita glass by rubbing a slice of lime and dipping in salt to create a salt rim. Shake all ingredients with ice, strain and carefully pour into the margarita glass. Garnish with an orange peel.For something different, try a michelada, a simple, spicy beer-based Mexican cocktail. Just add lime and chipotle sauce (or Worcester sauce and tomato juice) to the beer.

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