Cooking with La Bodega

We’re big fans of La Bodega, the Mexican cantina tucked away in the middle lane of Delhi’s Khan Market. Our favourite menu items include their grilled fish taquitos (try the classic pulled pork version, too), and we never leave without a serving of the guacamole and homemade corn chips. We convinced the La Bodega team to share their recipe with us. Ingredients
Avocado: 2 pieces
1/2 Onion: chopped
1 Tomato: chopped
Cilantro: 2 tablespoons chopped
Salt: To taste
Lime Juice: 3 tablespoons
Green Chili: 1 piece chopped
Olive Oil: 1 tablespoon

Mash avocado and mix with onion, tomato, cilantro and green chili. Add salt, lime juice, and finish with olive oil.

They threw in an unusual, smoky red charred salsa recipe, too:

Red Tomato: 100 Gms
White Onion: 1
Garlic: 5 Gms
Red Chile: 3 Gms
Salt: To Taste
Lime Juice: 15 Ml
Fresh Coriander: 5 Gms

Roast or grill the whole vegetables. Blend the grilled vegetables in a blender. Season with salt, lime juice and add fresh chopped coriander.

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For more information on La Bodega, visit their Facebook page.